A response to the Big Society plan by Gareth Rowlands


To help and support all carers of people suffering from Alzheimer's disease or dementia.


Our brain matters



      Hundreds of memory boosting exercises to stimulate the brain

                                and battle memory loss 






                                    Gareth   Rowlands 


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An update on what the Big Society project has achieved so far


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Welcome to Battle Dementia



It is now estimated that over 800 000 people in the UK suffer from some  form of the disease called dementia. We have created a free resource specifically designed for all carers of people
suffering from Alzheimer's disease or various forms of dementia.



This is in response to the United Kingdom's current government's request for all its citizens to participate in the BIG SOCIETY project. Having visited this web site, you will have the opportunity to donate to the Alzheimer's Society and Dementia UK. In this way you would be helping not only those unfortunate to be suffering from these illnesses but also the carers involved.





Memory matters



How often have we all gone to an adjoining room or upstairs to the bedroom intending to fetch an item and having reached there completely forgotten what we went there for?
Sometimes we can do this more than once. But we can all suffer from some form of memory loss for many different reasons, sometimes because we are so preoccupied with so many other matters with our minds already overloaded with things to remember and to do.


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You may also wish to visit the BIG Society’s web site to find out more about the society's aims, achievements and how to become involved.    Contact me by emailing or write to:


Gareth Rowlands
68 Pine Grove
Brookmans Park
Herts AL9 7BW





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